Thursday, September 17th from 5pm-7:30pm What Would Cheesus Do and Rebel Cookie Dough & Confections will bring the YUM! to the Woodbourne Clubhouse parking lot for some “virtual” neighborhood dining. Check out their menus at the links below and save this email for online ordering Thursday.

Remember most online ordering links will not become active, for our neighborhood, until the trucks have setup on Thursday. Please be patient. Rebel Cookie Dough & Confections does not have online ordering.

What Would Cheesus Do 


Order Online

Rebel Cookie Dough & Confections 

Menu – Window Service Only

Food trucks will continue visiting our Clubhouse each Thursday through September and October. Our next food trucks will be Crock Spot and Sweet Comforts on Thursday, September 24th from 5pm-7:30pm. Menus and online ordering links will be provided in an upcoming email.

A few basic rules and reminders:

  • With online ordering, there will be no lines and no need to wait. Send one person from your home to pick up your order.
  • Online ordering will not be available until the food truck is setup and ready, please be patient and continue trying. 
  • Food trucks will message you back and tell you what time your order will be ready, come pick up your food while adhering to social distancing.
  • A rush of orders typically occurs between 5pm-5:30pm. Ordering later is encouraged to shorten your wait.
  • Food trucks, times, dates and location are all subject to change. Inclement weather may require food trucks to cancel or discontinue service. Check Woodbourne’s Facebook and Nextdoor pages for last minutes changes or announcements.
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